Our Facilities Are Fantastic!


At ESP we provide a variety of training, ranging from personal training, group training, athletic training, mobility, as well as a challenges.  This gives you the opportunity to find the type of training that works for you, while building friendships, and finding like minded people to workout with.  Whether you prefer one on one, small groups, or large groups we have a place for you. Each class with have an instructor present to help assist you with the flow of the workout, select equipment, and assist you with movements IF you need it, just ask for help.  We offer something for all walks of life and know you will find something that fits your needs at out facility.

Classes/ Services Offered


  • 55 mins
  • Designed for health and wellness
  • Helps prevent injury and recovery
  • Group setting
  • Coach Instruction Present
  • Tru Grit Strength, Speed Strength, Cardio
  • Warm up, Class Structure (List of Workout/Sets, Time, # of Rounds, etc), Cool Down/Stretch 


  • 55 mins
  • One on one session
  • Program caters to your abilities and specific goals
  • Nutritional accountability
  • Accommodates your specific schedule
  • Sold by session Groups of 4, 8 or 12.   Member and Non-Member Pricing
  • Requires assessment with a Coach


  •  50-55 mins
  • Program created for your personal goals
  • Custom built to fit each individual’s needs.
  • Train within a small group (2-6 Clients)
  • Nutritional accountability
  • Train with your specific group or preexisting groups (See Coach/Membership Services)
  • Available for Adults, Youths, Friends.  
  • Sold by session Groups of 4, 8 or 12.   Member and Non-Member Pricing


  • 55 mins / Defined Day & Time of the week
  • OPEN = Available to Members & Non-members / CLOSED = Advanced, Smaller Groups, Defined Training Regiment
  • 4, 8, & 12 week challenges
  • Jump start your weight-loss journey
  • Offer 4 challenges per year
  • You can attend ANY Tru Grit Membership Classes while involved in a challenge 
  • One on one nutritional coaching
  • Great way to meet others with similar goals
  • Good way to learn to demonstrate accountability